Are you tired of chemicals? You prefer organic and natural hair care? You are still looking for your style?I will be happy to accompany you in a gentle way. Therefore, I only work with environmentally friendly products such as Makesenz and This Green - local Belgian companies - and for ecological reasons, I recycle your hair.

My commitment to local actors

I decided to work with Makesenz, a Belgian bio-cosmetics brand, committed to a healthy and authentic beauty in accordance with my values. It was also important for me to work with local companies that meet my expectations. In a similar approach, I also chose This Green, which offers plant-based coloring, flowers, bark and water. Their action? Magnify your hair without modifying its structure for a soft beauty and respectful of your scalp.

How do we recycle your hair?

To be an eco-responsible hairdresser, I decided to work with Hair Recycle, and became the first salon in Brussels to recycle your hair and give it a second life.

Once your hair is cut and sent to our partner, it is recycled and can be used for all types of projects such as: the treatment of burns thanks to its keratin and the treatment of pollution in Belgian rivers.


★★★★★ A more than pleasant moment in Hélène's hands! I am delighted with my haircut, the care and the good advice I received :-) I am also happy that my hair is recycled and has a second life! - Guylaine

★★★★★ Great service! Hélène is very friendly! My hair is silky smooth! I recommend her 100%! Thank you Hélène :) - Analia

★★★★★ Hélène is very friendly and her advice is detailed. I am very happy with the result and I found my hairdresser in Brussels. I recommend - Sonia